After struggling for months to know what to do about our family finances, I realized that there were some pretty big loopholes in our plan. I knew that I needed to insure our family so that I could protect our money in the event of an accident, but it was really difficult to find the perfect plan. I started talking with an insurance broker who could help, and it was amazing to hear the solid advice that he had for us. This blog is all about insuring your family by finding the right insurance policies and keeping your costs as low as possible.

4 Things You Need To Know About Attending Driving School

25 March 2018
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If you want to learn how to drive, a great way to do so is driving school. Driving school will allow you to learn from someone other than your parents or family members, so that you can relax. Driving school will present you with a unique opportunity to learn how to drive from professionals who are trained to help you learn the rules of the road before you get on the road and provide you with constructive guidance once you are behind the wheels of a vehicle. Read More …

Is It Time To Renew Your Car Insurance Policy? 3 Types Of Add-On Coverage You Should Consider

20 February 2018
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If it is time to renew your car insurance policy, you should not simply walk into the insurance company and sign papers. This is because there are some things that you need to consider. One of these things is add-on coverage, as your insurance company has a variety of options available for your vehicle. Below is information about three types of add-on coverage so you can decide if they would be something that you need. Read More …

Buying The Best Auto Insurance

12 January 2018
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In order to ensure that you are being a responsible auto owner, you need to maintain a current insurance policy on each of your vehicles. Purchasing auto insurance is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly, as your policy could affect your coverage levels after an accident as well as your monthly insurance costs. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you buy the best auto insurance policy in the future. Read More …

An Overview Of New-Car Replacement Insurance Coverage

30 November 2017
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What It Is and Why You Need It If you are involved in an accident that totals your new car, the insurance check may not be enough to buy a new car of the same make and model. Don't forget that a new car starts depreciating the minute you drive it off the dealership, and your insurance company will base their valuation of the car on its value just before the accident, and not its value at the dealership. Read More …

Residential Insurance: How To Know What Your Possessions Are Worth

30 August 2017
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Most home and rental insurance policies include coverage for your belongings in the event you are robbed or if your house is destroyed in a fire, flood, or similar accident. Many people have trouble knowing how much their possessions are worth, and so they may end up paying more or less than they need to in order to replace their items.  Here is a guideline for helping you estimate exactly how much coverage you need for your belongings, not just your house. Read More …