4 Signs You Might Want To Explore Insurance Adjustment Solutions

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4 Signs You Might Want To Explore Insurance Adjustment Solutions

30 March 2022
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Folks talking about insurance adjusters usually picture a person who handles the job for their insurer. Most insurance providers use adjusters, but there is also a class of insurance adjustment solutions for the public. This provides some balance in dealing with claims because both sides can provide adjusted settlement proposals.

Public insurance claim adjustment is an investment in protecting your interests and rights. You might not be sure, though, if you need to go this far in handling a claim. However, you should consider it if you're dealing with any of these four situations.

A Large Claim

One of the simplest arguments for hiring an adjuster is that you're dealing with a large claim. If you have a claim that runs into the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, even a one-percent difference in the outcome could mean serious money. You will want to be sure your case yields the fullest return possible on your insurance policy.


Another reason to ask for public insurance claim adjustment support is that the insurer rejected your case. You might believe they're wrong, but you'll have to assemble an argument to the contrary if you plan to appeal or sue. An adjuster can study the case, collect evidence, consult with experts, and provide reports. You may then be able to use the adjuster's testimony and reports to support reversing the insurance company's decision.

The Settlement Offer Came in Low

Sometimes the insurance company and customer don't see eye to eye on claims. An insurer might believe they have an argument for why you should receive a smaller amount than you requested. For example, the insurance company may assert that the condition of a property was degraded before the damage in question happened. You may need to work with an adjuster to show the property was in good condition at the time of an incident.

Similarly, insurers may assert that repair costs will be lower than a customer projects. In these cases, public insurance claim adjustment professionals will review the insurer's explanation and may provide counterpoints. An adjuster could contract suppliers and contractors to determine why there's a discrepancy between your claim and the insurer's offer. You can then use the information to make a counteroffer or stand up to your previous one.

Case Is Complex

Many people are comfortable submitting claims for simple issues. If you're looking at a complicated situation, though, an adjuster can help you sort different elements out. For example, a hurricane might lead to flood and storm damage. These are often under separate policies, and you may need to identify which damage falls under which policies. 

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