Auto Insurance Options For A Pizza Delivery Car

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Auto Insurance Options For A Pizza Delivery Car

3 December 2019
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When shopping for auto insurance, you need to consider the use of the car and customize your coverage accordingly. Whether you use your car as a cab part of the time, for delivery, or for commute, you should ensure your policy offers you adequate coverage. Below are some of the options to consider when buying auto insurance for a pizza delivery car.

Commercial Auto Insurance

One of the options is to purchase commercial auto insurance, which covers a car being used for livery (income-generating activities). Many people think of commercial auto insurance as unique to trucks, but the coverage is available for any car that is being used for business purposes.

Commercial auto insurance rates are likely to be higher than those of a personal car. However, the exact rates depend on various factors, such as the area that your business serves (where you deliver your pizza), the type of car you use, and the driving history of the people who will be driving your delivery vehicle. Your claims history will also matter, so you should take care when delivering pizza so that you don't cause accidents on the road.

Auto Insurance From the Employers

Apart from commercial auto insurance, you can also get coverage from the owner of the business whose pizza you deliver. This might not be possible if you are working for a small restaurant. However, many large restaurants, franchises, or chains of restaurants offer coverage for their delivery personnel.

The type of coverage is called hired and non-owned car liability insurance. It is so-called because it covers liabilities that may stem from the operations of cars that the employer doesn't own, but are nonetheless working for the employer. Note that this coverage will only protect you from liabilities you may cause with your car, but it won't cover damage to your car.

Special Insurance for Delivery Business 

The above two options are not the only ones in the market. Most insurance companies have learned that the delivery industry is large and expanding, and they have created specific insurance packages for those engaged in the business.

These delivery auto insurance policies vary widely by insurers. Therefore, you need to compare packages from different companies and pick the best fit for your situation. Apart from the rates, remember to focus on the coverage and exclusions while doing your comparison.

Talk to your auto insurance adjuster for further advice on auto insurance purchase. Don't forget to describe every use of the car so that you can buy suitable coverage. Contact a company like Kesner Insurance Agency Inc to get started today.