Is It Time To Renew Your Car Insurance Policy? 3 Types Of Add-On Coverage You Should Consider

After struggling for months to know what to do about our family finances, I realized that there were some pretty big loopholes in our plan. I knew that I needed to insure our family so that I could protect our money in the event of an accident, but it was really difficult to find the perfect plan. I started talking with an insurance broker who could help, and it was amazing to hear the solid advice that he had for us. This blog is all about insuring your family by finding the right insurance policies and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Is It Time To Renew Your Car Insurance Policy? 3 Types Of Add-On Coverage You Should Consider

20 February 2018
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If it is time to renew your car insurance policy, you should not simply walk into the insurance company and sign papers. This is because there are some things that you need to consider. One of these things is add-on coverage, as your insurance company has a variety of options available for your vehicle. Below is information about three types of add-on coverage so you can decide if they would be something that you need.


Collision coverage will pay for all repairs for your vehicle if you are in a car accident. The insurance company will total your vehicle if the cost to repair it is more than what the car is worth.  Collision coverage will not only provide coverage if you collide with a car, but also if your car collides with an object.

You do need to consider the age of your car, however. For example, if your car is older and is not worth a lot of money, paying extra for this coverage will not make much sense.

Uninsured Motorists

If you are in an accident that was someone else's fault and this person does not have any car insurance, this is bad for you. Another problem would be if the other driver only has liability insurance that does not cover high costs. This means you may not get the money you need to cover medical bills, the costs to repair your car, lost time from work, and more.

To prevent this from happening, you can add on a coverage known as Uninsured Motorist Protection. This coverage will take over if the other driver cannot cover damage and/or injuries. This can save you a lot of money and can even save you from not having a vehicle to drive back and forth to work.

Protection from Personal Injuries

No matter what type of car you drive, you need to consider adding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. If you are injured in a car accident hospital costs, medical bills, lost time from work costs, and much more can affect you greatly. PIP insurance will cover these costs for you so you can concentrate on healing. This coverage will also cover medical bills of all passengers that may have been in the car with you during the accident.  

Talk with your auto insurance services provider about these types of coverage, and they can give you much more information about them.